November 2018

We’re moving to Luweero!

Everyone helps to make the new home really cosy.

We’ll also get a bigger well. It is now urgently needed.

The bedrooms are being completed.

The kitchen house is being built.

The refrigerator underneath doesn’t need any electricity.

Now there’s a lot of cooking going on here.

The fence is being built. It is urgently needed to protect children and property.

Thanks to the canopy and slide, being outdoors is even more fun.

December 2017

The roof is being covered.

The terrain is straightened with a wheel loader and divided into several levels.

The children are excited and we are grateful that we can rent such a modern device.

We would like to thank you for all your support on behalf of all the children.
They are looking forward to their new home. But there is still a lot to do!

August 2017

The house for the children is being built.

June 2017

The sewage plant is finished.

A crucial section has been completed – the base plate for the first house is ready.

Self made furniture

There is also plenty of wood on the property.

During the holidays teachers and workers build from it…

…the first seat.

First buildings

Fountain and generator can be found in the small house on the left. The big roof on the right…

… is finished and offers protection from sun and rain.

The start of construction

The well’s ready. It can be operated by hand. If the solar system is installed, it also pumps mechanically.

A lot of neighbors are coming right away.
They also urgently need water.

The sewer shaft was dug by hand.

Still at the very beginning


In the midst of nature and with a wonderful view – this is where we will build.

But first many heavy stones have to be moved out of the way.

They’ll be used right away for construction.