Our piece of land in Luweero


When we were unexpectedly given 4 hectares of land in Luweero, it was a confirmation to us that God had planned great things for Lichter der Hoffnung.
Here we have the opportunity to realize what He has put on our hearts for a long time:

living space for more children and staff,
our own school and vocational school,
a health station,
accommodation for volunteers, teachers, doctors,
– a lot of space to create, live and learn.

The fertile soil and the tropical climate allow an uncomplicated self-sufficiency.
The goal of our work is that the children can take responsibility and learn to care for themselves and others.
Here in Luweero we want to teach them everything they need.

In November 2018 we finally found a buyer for our house in Kitende and shortly after we took the courageous step to pack all our things and move to the countryside with the children. Everybody feels very comfortable here and is working hard to create their new home. But since we also have to pay for building materials and craftsmen in Uganda, we are still dependent on the support of our donors. If you also want to be part of this big and wonderful project, then we are happy about every contribution from you.


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