What do Ugandan children need?


When we are asked – the same as all other children in the world:

they need
love, kindness and affection,
food, clothing and warmth,
security and protection,
healthy boundaries, perspectives and opportunities,
consolation, encouragement and hope –
lights of hope.
So that they can be light themselves and shine in a dark world.
So that they can show others the way to light.

Then Jesus said,
“I am light to the world and those who embrace me will experience life-giving light,
and they will never walk in darkness.”
(John 8, 12)

You too can be a light of hope for these children.

With us the children get everything they need to survive. Most of them don’t even have enough food and clothes when we find them. But we don’t stop there yet. Many of the children have lost everything, experienced bad things and are completely on their own. Therefore the most important thing for us is to receive each one of them lovingly, to give them the time they need and to love their hearts healthy with God’s love. Often it does not take long until the children have settled in with us and have become a part of our growing family. The older ones then attend our lessons, which are given by trained teachers. We educate the children according to Christian values and show them faith in Jesus Christ in everyday life. Our church services are organized by our employees and children. They have great joy in honouring God with their singing and dancing. And also on the other days you can hear praise from afar when the elderly reach for guitar or piano and sing and play music full of devotion.